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How to Make an Easy Transition Back to School 
by J.A. Eason May 19, 2005

Whether your child is heading to Kindergarten for the first time or starting high school, the weeks before they go back are crucial to a successful year. Learn how you can make the transition a smooth and painless one.

How to Make an Easy Transition Back to School

by J.A. Eason

Going back to school each fall is stressful whether you're 5, 15 or 35. Summer vacation is generally time to take it easy, stay up late and sleep in late. Most kids do their best to forget about school during those few short weeks. Jumping right back into the swing of things is difficult without preparing ahead of time. It's important for parents and caregivers to help make the transition back to school a smooth one. A smooth start can give a child the confidence boost he needs to do well all year.

You know your child best. Does he adjust well to schedules and routines? Or does he resist and fight the imposed new rules at first? Give your child all the time he needs to adjust by starting several weeks ahead of time. Add one or two parts of the new routine at a time, so he doesn't become overwhelmed.


Adequate rest is one of the most important building blocks of a successful school year. Start by setting an earlier bedtime a week or more before the start of school. And don't think that teens are exempt from needing that extra hour or two of sleep. A body needs rest most during times of change. There is more change going on in a teen's body than at any other time in his life, except around age two.

Once bedtime is established, set an appropriate rising time in the morning. Give your child plenty of time to wake up, eat, dress and prepare for the day. If your household is normally rushed in the morning, consider changing your own habits during this transition time so everyone can benefit from calm morning routines.




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