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Alaska: Journey to the Last Frontier 
by Billy Wolfrum June 28, 2005

It has been discovered over and over again, yet Alaska maintains its aura as the Last Frontier. From fishing for salmon in Kodiak to enjoying the sights on a cruise, this article will give you some great travel tips for America’s 49th state.

Alaska is a massive, rugged land that is far, far away. With just a little planning, however, you can have the Alaskan vacation you have always dreamed of, and it can be easier than you ever imagined.

When to Go

Obviously, most travelers head to Alaska in the summer months (June-September). The weather throughout the state is acceptably warm during the summer, though any trips to the Southwest portion of the state (Kenai, for example) will more than likely include rain. The rain in the Southwest is comparable to the rain in Seattle, however – normally, it’s no more than a minor inconvenience.

Brave travelers have ventured to Alaska during the winter (more or less all months that are not April – September). There are many reasons to head up to the Great White North in the winter months, but please, pack your warm clothes as temperatures in certain areas of Alaska can reach 30-below-zero (either Fahrenheit or Celsius, actually. As it turns out, –32 degrees is where Celsius and Fahrenheit are exactly the same temperature.)

If you have health concerns, it may be wise to consult a physician if you are thinking of traveling to Alaska in the cold months. Extreme cold can be a shock to the system. Still, if you pack your warm clothes, you should be OK.

Staying Warm Tip: When venturing outdoors in a climate that is below freezing, layer your clothes. A T-shirt, covered by another shirt, covered by a sweater, covered by a jacket, with gloves and some type of hat with ear protection is always a nice way to go. You should figure out what works for you rather quickly. Just remember the term “layering.” All Alaskans understand the concept and it’s part of the state’s vernacular.



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