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Learn the Basic Techniques of Sensual Massage 
by Anika Logan July 27, 2005

A sensual massage is a way for lovers to get closer in their intimate relationship. It is a way to connect, not only physically but mentally by engaging all of the senses, in particular that of touch. To learn the basic techniques of this ancient practice, read on and then indulge ...

A sensual massage is a full body massage that helps release tension and stimulates the senses. Massage comes from Taoist traditions and in general is also recommended for overall optimum health. Massage helps relax muscles throughout the body, soothes headaches, improves the work of the immune system, helps increase circulation and is excellent for brain functioning. Not only that but massage has been linked to improvements in the nervous and digestive systems.

The power of touch

A sensual massage (also called an erotic massage) is an excellent way for lovers to become closer in their intimate relationship with one another. The power of touch is a strong one that cannot be denied. Both partners should learn the art of sensual massage in order that they can take turns pleasing one another.


Plan to engage in a sensual massage when you both have plenty of time. Remember this is a way to relax and release stress therefore it cannot be hurried.

Before beginning a massage it is a good idea to take a shower or a bath (taking one together is even better!) as this helps begin the relaxation process for the body (both physically and mentally) and also raises body temperature. You want to do all you can to facilitate a successful sensual awakening after all! Cast aside all of your worries and concerns and you will enable your senses the opportunity to gear up for an engaging, all over body experience.

The giver of the massage should assemble all necessary supplies, such as towels for clean up and massage oil or lotion nearby before he/she gets started. An interrupted massage is not encouraged.

Set the scene

It is necessary to set the scene when giving a massage. Ambiance goes a long way in making everything flow smoothly. Put on some soft, calming “mood” music to get your senses attuned, dim the lights and add aromatherapy candles. Choose a light scent that appeals to the receiver of the massage. Since most sensual massages take place in the privacy of home, improvise as far as location goes. Use a bed, a couch, a table or even the floor. Make sure the receiver has something comfy to lie on while the massage is being done. It is also important that you can reach your partner’s body from all sides and angles. Keep this in mind when you choose an appropriate spot. Open space and easy accessibility are both essential.



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