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5 Signs She is Into You! 
by Nicole Allard August 08, 2005

It can often be confusing and overwhelming trying to figure out if a girl is interested in you. Women can often seem to give contradictive signs, or none at all. I can speak from personal experience, as well as my girlfriend’s experiences that men often seem to miss their hints. Most of the time men will not pick up on signs that she is interested. It’s not only frustrating for her, but also for you if you find out that she liked you after it may be too late. Not only did you possibly lose your chance, but she’s probably rather irritated with you. She may feel like you weren’t interested in her by not picking up her subtle signs, and therefore feel rejected. No need to fret. I’m going to give you some lessons on how to pick up on women’s hints.

Signs she’s into you:

1. Difference in Assertiveness

Women are all different. Some are extremely shy about letting you know they like you. Some have no issues about being straightforward and letting you know what they want. This can get confusing. The assertive ones will let you know that they like you by asking you out, or simply telling you. The not-so-assertive ones will throw subtle hints, such as bumping into you constantly, or making sure she is consistently in your sight. She may also wear nice clothes and do her makeup when she knows you will be around.

1. Physical Signs

She may touch you in a playful or friendly manner. Maybe she softly taps you on the arm in a seemingly playful fashion, or touches your hair (or head) while talking to you. These moves may be a sign that she is interested. If a someone witnesses this behavior, ask their opinion. Others may be able to pick up on it quicker than you can.

1. The questions

If she asks about your personal life, she just might be into you. She could ask what you are doing tonight, about your hobbies, what you do on the weekend, or any other personal question. This most likely means that she likes you.



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