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A Woman's Guide to Sex Appeal 
by Delores Williams August 25, 2005

What do Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson have in common that other women should notice? They have sex appeal. Visually they are appealing to women due. What do women notice about them that they find appealing?


Let’s begin with the basics. They keep their bodies well, though Britney is pregnant. When in public they have their selves together. Thanks to creators of make-up and cosmetic surgery, there is no reason for a woman to go around looking weather worn. A woman who knows she looks good oozes confidence and sex appeal. People find that attractive, even in a plain Jane.


What you wear speaks a lot for who you are. Spears and Simpson dress for the image they want to project. What image do you want to show the world? Is it that you are a no nonsense type of woman, wild, or elegant homemaker? Dowdy is out. No man wants to look on a woman who does not care about how she looks. The rollers in the hair when the man comes home are asking him to find appeal elsewhere.


These two women have weathered the pop culture storm. They are constantly hit with accusations of stupidity to husband stealer, and yet they withstood it with grace. What is grace? According to the dictionary, it is seemingly effortless beauty or charm of movement, form, or proportion. Grace may explode at home, but in public no one knows what they think about the rumors or just bad stuff that is happening to them.


It just oozes off of them. They show it in how they carry their self, what they wear, and how they speak. No, the smoky voice is not appealing to many, but these two get your attention.



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