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Non-Glare Coatings For Glasses 
by Kira Connally August 30, 2005

What is Non-Glare, or Anti-Reflective Coating?

Often simply called AR coating, this product is one of the most useful coatings you can add to a pair of prescription glasses.  It is applied to the front and back sides of the lenses in several layers.

What Does Non-Glare Coating Do?

A non-glare coating reduces glare and reflections that can occur with untreated plastic or glass lenses.  It also makes your lenses appear invisible, so people looking at your can see your eyes clearly.

Non-glare coatings can reduce eye strain and sharpen your vision, offering you less visual distraction. 

Common Sources of Glare

Glare and annoying reflections are most common indoors during the day, and outdoors at night.

Everyone knows how light from a window makes a television screen harder to see.  Prescription glasses lenses in contact with any light source cause the same effect—haloes and distracting ghost images wherever you look.

Overhead fluorescent lighting can cause square-shaped patches of light to appear on your lenses, blurring distant images.

Computer monitors create glare in order to produce an image, and cause eye fatigue.  This fatigue can cause eye strain, headaches, and squinting.  Non-Glare coating relieves this.

Driving at night is a playground of glare.  Every light you pass bounces off the windshield, and if you wear glasses, the light bounces again off your lenses.  Non-glare coatings allow for safer night driving, reducing or eliminating the reflections and haloes from oncoming headlights and streetlights.

More Benefits of Non-Glare Coating

All non-glare lenses incorporate ultra-violet protection for your eyes. Ultra-violet (UVA and UVB) rays can cause permanent damage and speed up the formation of cataracts.  UV protection is a necessity for everyone’s eyes, and future vision.

Non-glare lenses also include a scratch-resistant coating, making glasses lenses more durable and easier to care for.



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