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Dealing With Gossip 
by Delores Williams September 02, 2005

What is Your Personnel Like?

If you ever want to know the depth of a company look at its personnel. It is not the job skills but the social skills that will make or break a company. The one sure way for a company to implode is with the hiring of a gossip. They are the destroyers of people and rarely have mercy on their victims.

One might think it is an exaggeration that a gossip will destroy a company, but the truth is that eventually people who are the subject of it will leave, those who spread it will take sides, and those who started it will feign innocence.

Sample Experience

Once, an employee for a major retailer, a young girl in her twenties was on the receiving end of the gossip. She had been in a relationship with a man who was constantly promoted and thus she was promoted as well. Some even claimed finding them in closets having intercourse during work hours. Of course, it did not matter if she was actually good at her job because she was the one who slept her way to the top when she finally ended the relationship.

How many people do you think have heard this story? Every new employee, families and friends, and even strangers heard this story if it seemed to fit.

What about the person who started the story? No one knows who first told it, but in the last ten years or so, this story has been told countless problems.

Dealing with Gossip

The toughest gossip to deal with is the kind that has truth to it, such as the above case. There might have been some exaggerations by the persons who started it, but the message was clear. It destroyed her credibility and reputation with all employees who worked with her. Whenever someone was mad with her the story was dusted off and retold. Women were offended because she seemed to put the women’s movement back several decades by her behavior. There was no way that she could defend herself, so she eventually left.



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