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Shopping for Those People Who Have Everything 
by J.A. Luongo May 23, 2005

If you’re looking for an excellent gift idea for anyone and everyone on your list, look no further than the versatile gift basket. They are customizable for men, women, and kids. What’s better is they’re more than just a gift, they’re lots of gifts in one.

Those frustrating People Who Have Everything are the reason you have a drawer stuffed with receipts you had to save “just in case.” These people, and we all know at least one, are impossible to shop for. The trouble is that they think nothing of buying what they want, need, or see at any moment. And it can be guaranteed that they will do this right before their birthdays or holidays. They can’t help it. They aren’t thinking about you. So, when it comes time to think about them, what do you do?

Give Gift Baskets

You strive to be a great gift giver. You never buy anyone socks for Christmas. You know who likes dark chocolate and dry champagne. You take pride in giving the kind of gift that makes your friend’s eyes light up.

And that’s why gift baskets are so great. It’s not just one thing. It’s a whole collection of gifts. But, I’m not talking about generic gift baskets with chips and chocolate, although there isn’t anything wrong with those. I’m talking about the customized gift basket that mean lots of great little gifts specific to the receiver’s special interest.

Leave the Creativity to the Professionals

Ok, so maybe you don’t consider yourself to be all that creative. So what. You probably have other great qualities. For example, you probably know how to defer to the experts. If so, you’re in luck. There are businesses everywhere that make baskets for reasonable prices (check the internet or the yellow pages). Plus, they can make them reasonably priced because they buy in bulk.

Great for all Budgets

Gift baskets can be modest or extravagant. For example, for the cigar aficionado, you could put together a cheap basket by filling an old cigar box with an ashtray, a lighter, and a few different cigars. Or, you could fill a small humidor with top-quality Dominican cigars, a cigar cutter, a smokeless ashtray, and a torch flame lighter.



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