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Las Vegas Shows: Permanent Productions You Don't Want to Miss 
by D. Bush October 24, 2005

There's only one reason to go to Las Vegas, right? Wrong! True, the gambling never stops in this city of twenty-four hour electric sunlight, but the entertainment doesn't end there. The hotels and casinos along the Strip (as Las Vegas Boulevard is called) also house some of the most scintillating stage shows on the planet. Chart-topping pop stars and big-name comedians are regular headliners, and major sporting events such as championship boxing matches attract star-studded crowds. But during your next trip to Sin City, don't forget to check out some of the spectacular productions that call Las Vegas their permanent home. Here's a rundown on several shows which you can see in – and only in – Las Vegas.

Blue Man Group: Bluephoria at the Venetian Hotel-Resort-Casino

If you've ever seen Blue Man Group, you know how hard it is to answer the question “What is it, exactly?” Your response might go, “Well, ummm…it's a group…of men…and they're…well…blue…” All true of course, but that doesn't begin to do justice to the experience. A trio of performers, who dress entirely in black and coat all visible skin, including the entirety of their bald heads, with electric blue grease paint, put on an exhilarating, hilarious show which overwhelms the senses and at times boggles the imagination. Blue Man productions are surprising multimedia endeavors involving physical comedy, rock music and percussion, video effects and--when I saw the Boston show-- high-speed guided marshmallows and exploding paint balls. Combine these ingredients and you've got performance art, slapstick, and social satire rolled into one incomparable and unforgettable performance.

Blue Man Groups also perform in New York, Boston, Chicago, Berlin, and Toronto, but the Venetian's Bluephoria event, which opened October 10, 2005 and will run indefinitely, includes material developed exclusively for that unique venue. Hint – take a chance and buy seats in the “poncho section;” the ponchos are provided free of charge!



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