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How To Make the Cheerleading Squad 
by Cynthia Rice May 19, 2005

Every school year, the cheerleading squad holds tryouts to find new prospects for their team. This article educates prospective cheerleaders on how to win a place on the squad.

If you’ve watched "Bring it On" more than once, admire the way Marissa inspires the OC as Social Chair, or if you’ve ever wondered how you’d look as a blond, you have a few untapped dreams we need to talk about – like, the cheerleading squad!

Did you not just see yourself in a cute little skirt, inspiring a stadium of fans, cheering your team on to victory? Then stop dreaming, girl, and start doing!

"But how?" you ask. "I could never be a cheerleader – I’m uncoordinated, not that pretty... besides, those girls don’t even like me!"

They will! Just take a crash course in the following and get ready to make the squad!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Learn From the Current Cheerleading Squad

    Merriam-Webster defines a squad as "a small group engaged in a common effort or occupation." It’s important to study the people that make up this group you plan to be a part of.

  • Train for the Team – Mentally and Physically

    Stop for a moment and take a look at Sarah Jessica Parker, one of the most successful, stylish women around. Is she pretty? Not traditionally! But that girl works hard and believes in herself and her talent... so we believe it, too!

  • Develop an Image for Success

    Have you noticed how the contestants on American Idol blossom into polished performers? That’s not coincidence, that’s coiffing! It works for them and it’s gonna work for you!

Ready? Let's get started.



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