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How to Ace Your Way through Nursing School 
by Amy Starr June 03, 2005

You can succeed in nursing school! Maximize your potential with study secrets and advice from a two-time valedictorian, experienced nurse and college instructor.

Despite today’s nurse shortage, college nursing programs can be difficult to get into. So, if you’ve been accepted into nursing school, congratulate yourself now! Whether you are entering an LVN/LPN, ADN or BSN program, you have undoubtedly worked hard to make it this far, and you will put in much more time, money, and effort before it’s over. Protect your investment by studying hard and following this guide.

Overcoming a Daunting Workload

Like nurses in the workplace, nursing students may find themselves assigned more tasks than they can possibly accomplish during an allotted period of time. Maybe you have more pages assigned than you can possibly read in one night. Or perhaps you have several tests in the same week. Just like a working nurse, you have to learn to prioritize, spending the most time on the most important tasks.

Ideally, you would arrive in class each day with the assigned pages read and your own notes on the material perfectly outlined, in compliance with the recommendations of your professor. Indeed, all the study hints in the world cannot compete with hard work. But in real life, you may very well arrive in class not having read the material. I did not always read before coming to class, and I did not always study every day, but instead did a lot of late-night cram sessions. Nonetheless, I graduated valedictorian of both my high school class and my college nursing class. Your success depends on not only hard work, but your ability to maximize your time by sorting the important stuff from the fluff.

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