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How to Bathe Your Cat: A Guide for Reluctant Pet Owners 
by Allison Matthews June 03, 2005

Never bathed a cat before? Had a bad pet grooming experience? This article will help ease the discomfort of both pet and owner by walking you through tried and true methods of feline bathing.

Grooming your family pet can be a complicated and frustrating experience, especially if that pet just happens to be a cat. The feline temperament can make them tricky to deal with, and many pet owners do not even bother trying. They often shrug off the responsibility of cat grooming with the idea that cats are constantly cleaning themselves anyway, so why bother?

Once you have a bad experience with grooming, it is natural to be reluctant to go through the process again, but you should not give up. Giving your cat a bath can be a rewarding experience. It is a good bonding experience between owner and pet and will help you both lead healthier, happier lives together. Proper grooming, which includes brushing and bathing, help cats lead longer, healthier lives and reduces problems such as matting of the fur and hairballs. It also helps control shedding and smelly cat problems.

For every cat bathing horror story, there are cuddly, well groomed kitties purring contentedly in their owner’s lap. One of the main keys in achieving this state of bliss is to be consistent in your cat grooming routines. Starting a grooming routine when your cat is still a kitten can help acclimate your cat to baths, making future baths faster, easier, and more comfortable for you and your pet. Patience and preparation are also important. If you don’t take the time to properly prepare for a grooming session and do not take steps to soothe and comfort your cat, bath time can be a traumatic experience for both of you.



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