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The Ten Things your Man Wants, and How to Give it to Him 
by Jami Cameron June 07, 2005

You know what you want out of a relationship; but have you ever thought about what your man wants? We sometimes lose sight of what brought us together in the first place, but you can be a professional, a mother, a house manager and still give him the relationship ride of his life without a big to do.

Marriage is a sacred vow that millions of us commit ourselves to. It means so much – you have a partner for life that will endure the ups and downs of being alive right along side you. You’ve entered the commitment based on love, respect, adoration and friendship, but through the years we may lose sight of how important it is to maintain our relationship. Worse yet, we may lose sight of what a man wants from a woman.

This doesn’t mean that women should be the only ones concerned about what their spouse needs out of a relationship – this should be a reciprocal process. But, what you may find out is your man’s wants may not be too different from your own wants and desires.

There are ten basic relationship wants (some may even consider them needs) that all men wish they could have. All you have to do is recognize these wants, and invest a little time and effort to make them a reality.

Number one – men want us to tell them what is on our minds.

Women are complex creatures – we are nurturers, creators, communicators and managers. We can easily express what is on our minds when it comes to a business deal or interior design, but are we playing mind games when it comes to our man?

Most men know that women need to feel like they are understood and that their needs are met, but wouldn’t it be great if we could let our man know what is on our mind at least half the time?

Admit it – you are guilty of the mind reading game. We see something that needs to be done, and we expect our spouse to crawl inside our heads and do it. Right? Every woman is guilty of this in some form or fashion. But, when you think about it, is it really fair of us to expect something to be done without mentioning it first?

Men want to know how to satisfy us – really they do. And guess what; if we let them in on our little secrets in advance, they are pretty smart creatures, and will adapt. They can actually learn how to pick up on how we think (once we let them into our heads, of course), and over time, will better learn how to anticipate our wants and begin to understand what drives us as a human being.

So, not only does a man get what they want, but you do too.



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