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Treasure Hunting Vacation: Gold Coins and Pirate Loot on the Florida Beaches 
by Nancy A. Meadows-Galloway June 17, 2005

A treasure hunting vacation could be a very lucrative escape. Not only will it be fun but who knows you just might also strike it rich. So get your metal detector, loot bag, and lots of sunscreen and get to digging! Good luck! Who has not dreamed of walking along the beach and finding an old coin worth lots of money? This dream could come true on a treasure hunting vacation to the Florida coast.

Treasure Lost

Florida has always been known as a treasure hunter’s paradise thanks to famous lost treasures such as the treasure of Gasparilla and the Amelia Island treasure to name just a few.

Gasparilla’s Treasure

Gasparilla was a famous pirate known for his ruthlessness and cunning. He is said to have looted millions of dollars in treasure from different vessels throughout his years as a pirate and buried them throughout the islands that surround Charlotte Harbor. In all, he supposedly buried 13 casks and chests of treasure in and around his headquarters at Boca Grande, later named Gasparilla Island.

Gasparilla employed hundreds of pirates to his work and in turn their shares of loot are also buried on the islands around Charlotte Harbor as well.

Taking a treasure hunting vacation to Charlotte Harbor could be very profitable. Choose any island and go to work since he buried treasure on most of them and it has yet to be found. Equipment needed: shovel, metal detector, and map of area. Also some extra research would help insure success in your hunting.

The Amelia Island Treasure

Amelia Island lies on Florida’s northeastern coast and is the location of many pirate’s booty.

This island was used at one time as the headquarters for several notable pirates including Blackbeard, LaFitte, Aury and Kidd. Approximately $170,000 in treasure has been found in the past years on the island. This is only a small portion of what is estimated to still be buried there. Equipment needed for finding this treasure would be: a metal detector, shovel, map of the area and a little research at the local historical society would help to possibly narrow your search area.

Black Caesar’s Treasure

Another pirate who made his headquarters near Charlotte Harbor was Black Caesar. A former slave, he managed to escape to the west coast of Florida. Not soon after his escape he became the leader of a band of pirates with his headquarters based on



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