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Gift Ideas From the Heart 
by Joanne Heck June 14, 2005

Having a tough time coming up with that perfect gift? Want something unique that will be the hit of the party? Give a gift from your heart.

Thinking of the perfect gift for that special person can sometimes be more difficult than we would like. We want to give something that will touch the heart of the person we are giving to. Often, we are plagued with ideas but they all seem to fall short of the perfect gift. Maybe it’s because we are thinking too big. A gift from the heart has nothing to do with how much money you spend; its how much heart you give.

Giving a gift from the heart takes some thought. What does this person mean to you? Is it a sentimental gift or are you looking for something unique? How much time do you have? Do you have a few months or a few hours? Is the occasion special or the person?

Baby & Children’s Gifts

Buying baby clothes and toys can be fun, but it’s not very original. There are economical gifts you can give that will be remembered for a long time.

Bible- If you are giving a gift to a Christian family for the birth of a child or at a baptism, buy a children’s Bible and have the child’s name engraved on it. Feel free to write a short note inside the cover. The Bible will be treasured for years. Chances are, no one else will have thought of this and your gift will stand out among the bibs and sleepers.

Savings Bonds- This is a unique, very frugal gift for any child. Savings bonds can be bought in many price ranges. If you buy a gift for this child every birthday or Christmas, giving a savings bond each year can become a special tradition. Be sure to purchase your savings bond a few weeks in advance. It will arrive by mail and you’ll want to be sure you have it for the special day.

Money Tree- This is a great gift for a baby shower! Buy a sturdy plant (a jade plant works well) or a small tree. Trees are nice because they can be planted outside and grow as the child grows. Different denomination bills work and look best, so use one dollar, five dollar, ten dollar bills. Crinkle the bills in a fan shape and tie them on the tree with ribbon. I used small plastic clothespins that were made for decorating cakes. You can use ribbon, small party decorations, booties, or any other decorative item that fills in your tree. Look for favors in the party section of your store. The tree will be beautiful and very unique. The mother-to-be will enjoy the money and be able to buy what she wants. This gift is not only unique, but a conversation piece as well.



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