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Party Time! How to Host a Perfect Baby Shower 
by Kathy Schaeffer May 26, 2005

Planning a baby shower can be an enjoyable event, or a totally stress-filled activity for the hostess. Hopefully using some of these tips as a checklist may help you to plan an awesome baby shower.

One of the things that a new mother-to-be often looks forward to is a baby shower, or even more than one. This helps her to pass the time while waiting for the "main event," the birth of her baby.

How to Begin?

If you are hosting a baby shower, the first order of business is to make a list of things you will need to buy, do, or assign for others to do. Don't allow it to turn into a stressful situation for you or it will not be as successful as it would be if everything is planned far enough in advance.

Who Plays Hostess?

Who should host a baby shower? In the past, it was proper etiquette for only people not in the new mom's immediate family to host her baby shower. Things have fortunately changed, however, and now her family members can certainly host her shower while remaining inside the bounds of etiquette.

The Whens and Wheres

When will the shower take place? Decide as early as possible when you want the shower to occur. This is totally up to the hostess, but you need to remember that many of your guests will have different work schedules, so a weeknight, or especially a weekday will not be the best choice. Many showers of this type are held on a Friday night, any time Saturday, or a Sunday afternoon. Most showers last about two hours but could go shorter or longer depending on the food choices, game choices, and the number of gifts that will need enough time to be opened.

Where will the shower take place? This will be dependent on how many guests you will be inviting, what an easy location is for out of town guest to find, and whether or not you will be renting a place or using space that you or someone donates for the event. For smaller groups, hostesses often decide to hold the event in her home.



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