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How To Improve Your Child's Reading Ability 
by Aisha C. Saeed July 25, 2005

Many parents wonder how to improve their child’s reading and writing ability. The following simple techniques can help improve your child’s reading in a matter of weeks.

Read to your child at least 20 minutes each night:

Not only will your child be absolutely thrilled to have your undivided attention, you will know for certain that they are getting exposure to literature. To make it more exciting use dramatic voices, don’t be scared to sound silly! If your child can read then take turns reading pages. Stop every so often as you read to make predictions on what you think will happen next.

Keep a variety of literature for your child at home:

Keep your house filled with both fiction and non fiction books on a variety of topics. Subscribe to children’s magazines or, to save money, ask doctors offices that you visit for the old copies of children’s magazines that they have. Don’t scoff at the Sunday comics, they are an excellent resource to get your child excited about reading.

Keep a variety of literature for yourself at home:

Children will see if you practice what you preach. As their biggest role model, you must show them that you too enjoy reading. If they see you reading magazines and books around the house they will believe that reading is a worthwhile activity.

Read the same book multiple times to help your child’s reading fluency:

For those still learning to read, by reading a book multiple times they will develop sight word recognition.

Get your child a library card:

Nothing like having a card of your own to make a child feel all grown up. Take them once a week or more to the library and let them check out their own books. Having personal choice will increase the likelihood that they will read.

Meet with your child’s teacher and discuss his/her reading progress:

Your child’s teacher is experienced and teaches your child the art of reading every day. If your child is in school make an appointment to meet with your child’s teacher and listen to her insights on your child’s reading abilities and what specific things you can do to help your child’s reading level.

Get your child hooked on a reading series:

There are many books out there that come in series. If your child likes one they will want to devour the entire series. This is an excellent motivation tool.

Buy computer games that facilitate reading improvement:

This is great because your child will learn reading skills and will learn computer skills as well. This is a great way for them to learn phonics and other so called “boring” skills because typically young children love anything computer related.


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