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What Makes People Attractive? 
by Sarah McGuire July 22, 2005

What is it that attracts certain people to each other?

In developing friendships or romance, there are a number of items that spark one person’s interest in another. Some of these items are listed below.


The better the opportunity to get to know someone, the more likely common interests are to emerge. The potential to develop a relationship is there when two people have frequent contact. However, with people traveling more frequently and the advent of online dating, people who do not live in close proximity to each other are more likely to get to know each other than in the past.

Physical Chemistry

Physical attractiveness is the most visible personal trait, and one that we continue to judge others by. We combine the appearance of a person with the information that we have regarding him or her and gain an impression of the person that we use to determine if we find him or her attractive.

Abilities and Confidence

People who are capable and exhibit confidence, talent, or skill are viewed as attractive.  For example, it is obvious that exhibiting talents or skills (without showing off) is often cause for admiration.  However, this attractiveness also depends on these individuals remaining accessible.  It is important to be confident and accomplished, yet also real and not too perfect.   

Common Interests

People with similar interests, backgrounds, or beliefs are often attracted to one another.  Individuals receive validation from having their beliefs confirmed and feel good about themselves in the presence of similar people. Sharing experiences helps many people feel a common bond. Sharing private thoughts and feelings can also develop a bond or further strengthen a bond.


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