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Take Care of Natural Appearance 
by Valencia P. Higuera August 08, 2005

In the real world there is no perfect, unblemished face. All models, even those blessed with an effortless beauty, are enhanced to seem flawless for the camera. Applying make-up is a talent that few have mastered. Many young women try and model themselves behind magazine cover girls. They fail to realize that in the modeling industry there will always be someone to make an ordinary face look beautiful. Women who want a glamorous, model-like appearance need to utilize basic techniques that will bring out their natural beauty. It is crucial to bear in mind that make-up serves the purpose of enhancing, not masking.

Countless do not take proper care of their skin; they then try and conceal flaws. However, make-up works better when the skin in well-kept. The first step in achieving a stunning look is taking care of the natural appearance. Eating a balance diet, getting adequate rest, and regularly exercising may increase attractiveness. Before applying make-up it is also vital to evaluate your personal needs. Take a good look in the mirror and pinpoint your strong features and your problem areas. Those who already have a clear complexion and even flesh tones need very little foundation. Adding foundation to an already even toned face may leave a chalky, fake appearance. The secret to make-up is to appear as if you are not wearing any. There are certain tips to consider when applying make-up.

Consider Skin Type:

  • Pay attention to whether your skin is excessively oily or dry. Those with dry skin may want to try a moisturizer instead of foundation. Foundation could further dry skin, whereas a moisturizer provides a healthy glow. If your skin is oily it would be wise to consider an oil free make-up that is water based.

Apply in Natural Light

  • The light used in the room where you apply make-up plays a part in how your make-up will appear once on your face. If the lighting is soft you may apply too much. Fluorescent lights create a harsh appearance which makes it difficult to correctly apply make-up. Apply make-up near a window. This is a good indicator of how you may look in natural light.

Do Not Overdo It

  • Too much make-up will draw attention away from your own beauty. Apply in moderation. Make sure that the colors you choose not only work together, but also complement you skin complexion. Consider getting advice from a beauty consultant. They can help you determine which colors suit your skin tone and show you how to properly apply it.

Cleanse Face

  • It is essential to cleanse your face every night to remove make-up and impurities. Not doing so will result in a dull complexion and increases the risk of acne.


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