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Look Amazing and Demand Respect 
by Nicole Allard August 19, 2005

Clothing Industry Unethical

New styles and trends show off way more skin than necessary. Clothing designers are out to make looking like a (bleep) the “style”. Low-rise jeans reveal thongs, and sometimes much more. Plummeting v-neck shirts are getting increasingly lower. Push-up bras are forcing breasts higher and higher. Even the children’s clothing in Wal-Mart (a self-proclaimed family-friendly store) are highly questionable. You do teach people how to treat you. If your attire comes off as scandalous, how do you think people will perceive you?

Dress Like It!

If you want people to treat you with respect, dress like it! If you want people tp stop gawking at your breasts and behind, stop letting it all hang out. You can’t expect people not to look at your thong if it’s clearly visible. If you want people to look at your face, stop showing them everything else.

Men and Their Minds

Men are incredibly simple creatures. When they see breasts, butt, leg, thongs, etc. they instantly think about sex, and only sex. They’re no longer listening to a word you’re saying. Do you really want a man to only think about having sex with you when he sees you? Of course not! Sex is great, but you also want to be loved, cared for, and respected.

Men have no emotional connection with sex. They have sex for the physical act and feeling. Men and women are very different.

Taking Responsibility

If you dress like a (bleep), men will treat you like one. If you dress like an uptight librarian, men will treat you like one. The idea is to find the middle ground. By showing everything you will be attracting men who will want to use you for sex, and by the way you dress, they will think its okay. If you want to attract a man that will respect you, you need to dress accordingly. Learning to respect yourself is a good start. Take responsibility for the way you look.


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