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Why Bird Flu is a Direct Threat to the United States 
by Dr S Banerji October 12, 2005

Living with the fear of infectious disease

It will not be productive to describe infection threat any further. Suffice it for us to conclude that life at ground zero faces threats of epidemic outbreaks. Avian influenza is not the only unwanted gift that we may unwittingly receive from another country! What should you do?

1. Keep your immune system in top condition. Balanced nutrition and regular exercise should normally be adequate to keep both types of lymphocytes within the normal range.

2. Remember that high blood sugar, radiation and chemical therapy for cancer and inappropriate diet make you especially vulnerable to virus infection.

3. Review your blood counts and encounters with people exposed to viral infection with your doctor, so that specific tests and treatment can start as soon as possible.

4. Avoid places with closed air circulation, especially when people with productive coughs, colds, fever and labored breathing are around. This applies to animals of all kinds, including working dogs and pets. Be especially careful in aircraft and crowded trains to stay away from people who are ill, and try and have them wear masks.

5. Do not eat any animal flesh from abroad or from wild life reserves. Quarantine animals that appear to be ill and everyone who you know has come in contact with such animals.

A virus behaves like a thief. It is always ready for an opportunity to enter your body, may use disguise and live within undetected. It adapts itself to prey and plays hide and seek with the lymphocytes that are supposed to police your body. Remember that you can never let your guard slip, because criminals do not give up! Think of every virus as a thief and the steps you need to take will be easier to keep in mind!

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