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Heighten Your Sexual Experience with the Five Senses 
by Jami Cameron June 24, 2005

The five senses and sex.

Just as our five senses help create our mood in every day life, they also play a key role in our intimate relationships. While everyone has a different “turn on” trigger, all of us use one or more of our sensory organs to reach the point of desire.

  • Sight. Does the sight of your man’s shoulders make you shudder with joy? Men, if you see your wife in cut off shorts while she bends to and fro cleaning the house, do you get a tantalizing feeling in the pit of your stomach? Probably so. From the time you meet a person, you are utilizing your sight to figure out if you are attracted to him/her. As said before, we all have different opinions about what is attractive or not, as well as different body parts that we enjoy. Both women and men love looking at the eyes, mouth, chest, shoulders, derrières and legs of those who catch their eyes. Other attractive qualities include smiles, the way a person’s hair falls in his/her face, the curves of each person’s body and the symmetry of their face. Whatever sight you enjoy most from the opposite (or same) sex, is your prerogative, but when picking a mate, physical features do matter.

  • Sound. The giggling of a woman, the deep, whiskey voice of a man, the humming of a housewife – all of these sounds can make a heart race and a body want to experience more. Sound is a very important sense, especially when dealing with intimacy. Men and women have their own sounds – whispering sweet nothings, talking authoritatively, laughing with pleasure, moaning – and those sounds are a cue for the other person to know that they are providing pleasure (or not). Knowing this causes the pleasure provider to also receive pleasure – a win-win situation for both parties involved.

  • Smell. The scent of a good cologne can go a long way. Or, that perfume she wore when you first started dating can rev the engine a little faster. Some even like the smell of a man or woman who has been working outside all day – musky and sweat-drenched. The smell of another human can be intoxicating, and God intended for us to enjoy the scent of one another – women’s pheromones are actually a cue for procreation. We have different smells on different days, depending on what we are doing and, for women, where we are in our cycle. This alone can be enough to crave intimacy; but pair it with sight, sound, touch and/or taste, and there may be a quick departure to the bedroom.
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