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Dining for One and Loving It! 
by Anika Logan July 12, 2005


Most recipes are geared to serve several people. When you’re cooking for only one, the last thing you want is the dreaded leftovers. Leftovers take much longer to finish up when you’re the lone occupant at the dinner table. However it is hard to completely avoid them when you’re preparing meals. Turn the tables on leftovers and make them spin-overs instead. Spin-overs is a term I created (the idea came from the word spin-off in the television world). Here’s how to make spin-overs work for you:

Invite guests over when making a large meal.

Divide leftovers into smaller portions. Prepare enough for the meal at hand and have 3-4 meals ready to freeze to eat at a later date.

Save leftovers in order to create new meals. For example try adding different vegetables to the original recipe; cheese, herbs or whatever strikes your fancy. Food doesn’t have to be boring. Learn to mix and match. Experimentation and trial and error is how a lot of new recipes are born.

If all else fails, have a clean-up meal in order to not waste the leftovers. Sometimes lasagna or chili prepared the day before can still be tasty! Try pairing it with a toss salad, a tea biscuit, or some bread sticks.

Cutting Recipes

If spin-overs don’t hold any appeal for you then consider another option- cutting recipes. This will only work if the ingredients are easy to divide in half. Bear that in mind when deciding on what recipes to make for yourself. It can be tricky to divide seasonings but it is certainly worth a try. Who knows, you may surprise yourself and discover a whole new recipe that you like even better.

Single-Serving Meals

Sometimes the way to go is to buy smaller servings of meat, fish and frozen vegetables. Another plus of this is that you’re not spending money on larger food items that you don’t need or want. Why cart home something that isn’t of use to you? If you choose this course of action start with your meat of choice and build your meal from there. The vegetables come next and then other side dishes you wish to include. What you will end up having is a delicious, not to mention quick and easy meal for one!



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