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The 411 on the Latest Drinking Games and Parties 
by Mieko Lindeman May 26, 2005

Drinking Games

Circle of Death

Probably one of the most complicated to play, but also one of the most interesting once you get the hang of it. Requires a deck of cards. In the center of your group, make a circle of the cards (overlapping) and faces down. One person draws at a time going around the circle of people. The type of card determines the manner in which shots are taken. RED Ace through 6 -- everyone takes one shot except person who drew the card BLACK Ace through 6 -- two times the number of the card drawn shots are given out by the card drawer to whomever they please, ex. black 4, 8 shots to whomever the card drawer designates (2 shots to four people, 3 to one person 5 to another, etc.) 7 -- ladies drink one shot 8 -- gentlemen drink one shot 9 -- card drawer picks a word and the next person in the circle must pick a word that rhymes with it (Card drawer: Bat, Next Person: Cat), continue going round the circle rhyming until someone pauses too long thinking up a rhyming word or repeats an already given rhyme, this person takes a shot 10 -- person to card drawer’s left takes one shot Jack -- person to card drawer’s right takes one shot Queen -- card drawer picks a general category of "types" (ex. types of vodka, types of dog), go round circle giving answers, first person to pause/repeat an answer takes a shot King -- card drawer chooses a word that can no longer be spoken during the game (until another king is drawn, and a new word is chosen) ex. "go," whenever someone says the forbidden word they must take a shot (at any point during the game until the word is changed).

Drinking Catchphrase

The loudest and most socializing game-requires the electronic party game Catchphrase. Players must understand how to play Catchphrase first (a very easy game, similar to charades or pictionary). Whenever the player with the Catchphrase is unable to make other players guess her/his word, this player must take a shot (or more shots, depends on the decision of the group as to how much the penalty should be).

Drinking Never Have I Ever

The most intimate, personal game. Great for laughs and getting to know people very well. Issues in this game are usually oriented to sexual history or dating, so be prepared to really dish. Requires no materials besides yourselves and liquor. Going round a circle each person must ta'ke a turn by stating "Never have I ever....” and supplying truthfully something they have "never ever" done. Ex. "Never have I ever slept with a friend’s girlfriend/boyfriend." After this person states their "Never have I ever" anyone in the group who HAS done the named act must put a finger up (go through 10 fingers or 5, depending on needed length of game). Whoever puts a finger up must also take one shot. When a player has put up all their fingers, they are "out." Whoever is the last player wins. In some versions of this game the players who are "out" may continue to keep taking shots when it applies to them. In this version, the most "naughty" players are punished (most sexually active, etc.). Of course, it is simple to reverse this dynamic by making whoever does not put up a finger, someone who also can say "Never have I ever" done the named act take the shot instead. Thus the most "innocent" people end up taking the most shots.



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