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Bullying: How to Help Your Child Cope 
by Mary M. Alward September 06, 2005

Emotional Bullying

This type of bullying is very subtle and is very common in girls, though boys sometimes use it as well:

  • Isolating someone.

  • Shunning peers and excluding them from games, lunchroom chatter and not including them when handing out invitations to parties.

  • Spreading lies and rumors in order to ostracize someone.

  • Anything that causes another person emotional pain is considered emotional bullying.

Racial Bullying

This type of bullying can be acted out on those of different cultures and races:

  • Making jokes about the child’s ancestry or country of origin.

  • Slurs about the child’s race or the color of his skin.

  • Calling someone names that refer to his race or skin color.

  • Making rude comments about someone’s cultural traditions or religion.


In recent years a new trend of bullying tactic has appeared; cyberbullying. It is something that happens on the Internet. Bullies are taking full advantage of today’s technology to attack their victims. There are as many bullying incidents online as there are on the playgrounds of our schools. If your child is a victim of cyberbullying, don’t make him stop using the computer. Instead, monitor his online activities to assure he has a positive Internet experience.

What Constitutes Cyberbullying?

  • When a person is harassed in any way while online, including in a chat room or through a messenger service or e-mail.

  • When a person is threatened while online.

  • Anything that makes a person feel uncomfortable while online.

  • When someone accesses information that’s on a computer and uses it against the victim.

  • An incident that happens online to inflict emotional pain, embarrassment, depresses the victim, makes the victim nervous or causes him to stop using his computer.

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