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StumbleUpon: The New Google? 
by David Hansen October 10, 2005

and of course the best reason to stumble…

It's one of the most informative web experiences -- I confess that when I first used StumbleUpon, it was entirely out of boredom. At first glance it's a similar experience to clicking through the channels on TV – the perfect medicine for the short attention span. Then I noticed something: StumbleUpon isn't just a tool of entertainment, it's a legitimate source of information.

For instance, if I wanted to become informed about stock-trading, I would select stock-trading as one of my categories. StumbleUpon will then bring up stock-trading websites and then my research can be further refined by the ratings I give to individual sites; StumbleUpon “learns” what type of site I'm looking for, cross-references this information with similar surfers, and then predicts websites that I would be interested in.

Getting Started

The good news – StumbleUpon is compatible with Mozilla and Mozilla-Firefox web browsers.

The bad news – Internet Explorer users are out of luck.

The other good news – Mozilla and Mozilla-Firefox are free for download at, and setup is simple. So get over there and grab a copy; these web-browsers have many other documented advantages over Internet Explorer, so it will be worth your time.

Installing StumbleUpon:

Head over to and click “Join Now”

On the next screen click “Install Now,” and then restart Mozilla

Now you should see a new button in your browser's menu bar that says “Welcome to StumbleUpon!” Click this button and follow the directions to create your new account

Be sure to select a good variety of categories so your Stumbling doesn't grow stale

Click “Stumble!”



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