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The Best Cheap Eats in NYC 
by Mieko Lindeman June 03, 2005

Have you heard of a "falafel" before?

Falafels are a Middle Eastern fare. They are generally composed of deep-fried, mashed chickpea, a white sauce, lettuce, tomatoes all in a soft pita shell. Don’t be deterred by this seemingly ultra-healthy, vegetarian sandwich, it’s very filling and very tasty. For only two dollars a sandwich, it is definitely something worth trying at least once. Greenwich Village’s MacDougal Street (right by historic Washington Square Park) has several tiny falafel places that are all excellent eats. Keep an eye out for tiny Middle Eastern eateries all over New York City’s burrows Some places may have more accolades in their window than others, trendy décor, and a line out the door, but don’t be fooled, any falafel joint in this area serves up the same great falafel. Wrapped up in handy tin-foil, they are ideal for walking around and munching, or just plopping down on a bench to scarf down before catching a movie. Kebabs, stuffed grape leaves, mango juice, and baklava are also commonly served at falafel places. If you have a few extra bucks, try those too! Caution though, the hot sauce they’ll ask you if you want on your falafel is HOT (but scrumptious too). Olives are not usually put on falafels because of their pits, but pickles are free additions that are worthwhile to try.

It’s Crepe, not "Crape"! (And certainly not "crap")

Crepes are originally a French style snack. Many Americans may be familiar with this papery thin pastry from breakfast menus and that pinnacle of French cuisine art, IHOP. Crepes make great snacks and even light meals. Generally priced around four dollars (more for extra toppings) they can be dessert-like, with berries, chocolate, and nuts or they can be made with sandwich materials like meat or hummus. Try walking around Washington Square Park, especially the corner by Waverly, for crepe places. Many crepe shops offer creative creations such as s’mores or apple pie crepes that are practically better than the real thing. Plus there is nothing more mesmerizing than watching batter being woven into a delicate, delicious wrap on top of the crepe skillet.



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