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How to Dreadlock your Hair 
by C Williams June 03, 2005

Beginning Your Locks

Don’t go product-crazy. Hair products do not create dreadlocks. The style is created by the manipulation of the hair and a natural disintegration process. When beginning your locks, some products are better than others. Avoid using beeswax unless it is natural with no artificial color. Beeswax with additives, like petroleum, can clump in your hair and be a nightmare to wash out. Gels have the tendency to flake into white patches. Try to use an all-natural product in your hair. Pure, unprocessed coconut oil may be a good option. Though expensive, pure shea butter may also be a good alternative. Some stylists have been known to use aloe vera as well. Natural products smell great, and there are no worries if it gets on your face while you sleep. Again, avoid using petroleum or anything containing petroleum in your hair. Use a small amount – a tiny dab – of your chosen styling product on each section. You are not trying to glue the hair together! Some dreadlock wearers forego products all-together.

There are several methods for beginning dreadlocks. For example, you can twist each section into “curls” that look like tight candy curls. The rattail comb is used for the one-strand twists. This specialized comb could be found in most major beauty supply stores. Start these twists by taking the long, thin handle of the rattail comb and neatly wrap a thin section of hair around it.

Try creating the single twists without the rattail comb. Simply roll a section of hair between the palms of your hands. This is called the palm rolling technique. You can also take two sections and twist them together in a two-strand twist. The two-strand twists will hold the style better than the single twists. Simply take two strands and twist them together – similar to braiding, but with two sections instead of three.

In either method you use for starting your locks, attempt to make each dreadlock about the same size. Once your hair is locked, the only way to remove them is to cut them out. Neat parts create a more manicured look, and they will guide you when you style your hair. If it is at all possible, let your baby dreadlocks dry naturally. It’s a good idea to avoid direct heat on your hair. Keep your locks neat, and avoid getting lint in them by wrapping your hair in a satin scarf. You can also sleep on a silk or satin pillow.



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