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Diet and Exercise: Treating Childhood Obesity 
by Laurie June 23, 2005

How to Treat Childhood Obesity

If your child has a weight problem, you need to implement the above advice immediately. You should also consult a doctor or nutritionist to develop a healthy eating plan and make sure that no serious health problems have developed. Do not delay action in the hopes that the problem will just go away; in all likelihood, it will only get worse.

As stated, overweight children are likely to suffer from a variety of emotional problems. You need to be careful not to lower their self-esteem further. Do not insult them or criticize them about their weight. Never call them names; they get enough of that at school. Most overweight children are aware of their problem and already want to shed some excess pounds. You just need to help them by developing healthy eating and exercise habits.

You should also try to avoid making this into a weight issue. Children are under enough pressure from the media and their peers to look a certain way. If you encourage them to focus on their weight, their self-esteem will suffer even more and they will be more likely to develop an eating disorder. Instead, focus on health and quality of living. Show them how maintaining a healthy weight will lead to extra energy and fewer health problems. And make sure that they know they are loved no matter what.



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