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How To Boost Your Resume 
by Diana Bocco May 23, 2005

No Need to Do it Yourself: Free online resume templates

Forget about losing sleep over the design of your resume. Just download a first-rate one from the internet.

  • – Has a list of 180 resume templates for over 30 different majors, from Art to Marketing. Just click on the one you want and download. Even if you don’t have a Bachelor’s Degree, the resumes can be easily modified to fit your needs.
  • - If you have Microsoft Office installed on your computer, you can gain instant access to hundreds of online templates free of charge. Resume templates that can be downloaded and modified include basic (chronological, functional), job-specific, and situation-specific (various careers, return to work force, etc.).

Make them Listen: How to establish yourself as an expert

The key to creating a name for yourself is in knowing how to market your expertise. Below are some activities to consider, plus a sample sentence showing how you can incorporate the experience in your resume.

  • Public seminars. Put together a list of topics and then contact local organizations, non-profit groups, and community colleges to offer a lecture. Get media coverage by sending press releases to local newspapers and cable TV channels. Example: As a public speaker, I single-handedly conceptualized, developed, and presented a two-hour workshop called “The Art of Money Management.”
  • Join the local Chamber of Commerce. This will identify you as a legitimate business person and will open doors to publication markets, seminars, and marketing. Example: As an active member of the Seattle Chamber of Commerce, I am involved in decision-making forums and community projects.



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