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Stress: Ease Tension Naturally Without Medications 
by Mary M. Alward August 08, 2005

Massage Your Temples

Massaging your temples or pressing between your eyes is the art of acupuncture. This is an old Oriental remedy that is still used today to relieve pain and treat a wide range of maladies. If you massage the muscles in your temples, it in turn relaxes other body muscles. Massaging between the eyes or the forehead also can help to relieve stress.

Teeth Clenching

When humans are under stress, they tend to clench their teeth which tense up muscles in the jaw. Drop your jaw and roll it to relax the muscles. This will reduce the sensation of stress throughout your entire body.


Stress and tension can make it hard to breathe. This in return can cause more stress. Relax your breathing by rolling your shoulders and then relaxing. Inhale deeply as your shoulders go back. Repeat this procedure five to ten times for best results.

Take a Hot Bath

Hot water can defeat stress. When we experience stress, our bodies tense up, which reduces blood flow to the extremities. By taking a hot bath, circulation will be restored and your body will relax. Never take a cold bath or shower and expect stress to be reduced. In fact cold water has the opposite result. Cold water tends to bring tension to muscles, driving blood away from the extremities. If you are at the office or in a place where it isn’t possible to take a hot bath, run hot water over your hands until you feel a reduction in tension.

Relaxation Tapes

Relaxation tapes are available in most department and health food stores. Listen to the soothing sound of a cascading waterfall, the call of birds in a rainforest, waves lapping at the shore of an island paradise beach, or the sound of wind in a stand of pines. All of these things distract you from the stressful situation and will help you get your stress under control so you are calm.


If you like music, use it to beat stress. Put on your favorite music CD. Music is soothing and a very powerful tool when trying to reduce stress.



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