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Vancouver And More 
by April Paddock August 09, 2005

Richmond / Steveston

The island city of Richmond is linked to Vancouver via the Oak Street Bridge. Originally a small farming community, Richmond has grown at an amazing rate over the past 10 years. A large part of this growth can be attributed to the immigration of many individuals from Asia – in fact over 60% of Richmond’s population is now of Chinese or South Asian descent. Standing at the corner of No. 3 Road and Westminster Highway you would be hard pressed to say whether you were in Beijing or Canada. Restaurants and shopping malls that cater to the Asian population have sprung up all over the city. You’ll even find street signs written in both English and Chinese!

In the southwest corner of Richmond is the tiny fishing village of Steveston. This is a wonderful place to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Stroll the docks and admire the daily catch as fishermen sell salmon, tuna and crabs from the back of their boats. Take in a tour of the “Gulf of Georgia Cannery” to see how this massive plant looked and sounded years ago when it was in operation (thankfully it no longer smells as it did years ago!).

When it comes to dining, no trip to Steveston is complete without fish ‘n chips at Dave’s, which is located at 3460 Moncton. The fish is “just off the boat” fresh, the service friendly and the prices very reasonable.

After dinner take a walk along the Steveston dyke. Richmond is below sea level so in order to avoid flooding the entire island is surrounded by dykes. This is not only a great place to walk but also to bike or bird watch. Even when it’s raining out, you’ll see people jogging or walking their dog. And best of all, it’s free!



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