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Make Travel Easy On Your Senior 
by Wendy L. Jackson June 07, 2005

Information Once You Have Arrived

Once you have arrived at your destination, you should make sure that the remainder of your time away from home goes as smoothly as the trip. If you and your senior are enjoying a meal at a restaurant, why not request a table that is close to the door? If you are planning on taking in a movie, purchase the tickets in advance so you both won’t have to stand in line, later. And, as always, do not reserve a room on a floor above ground level unless the resort or hotel has an elevator. Check with the hotel when you make reservations to see if they offer a breakfast on the house. Even a hotel that offers coffee and muffins will benefit you and your senior over one that does not. Having this option available will allow you the extra time in the morning to prepare for your day, without worrying that your senior is going hungry.

These are just a few tips that will make travel with your senior enjoyable for everyone. As always, you should check with any facility that you plan on visiting to verify that they do cater to seniors. Those facilities that do not should be avoided until they understand that with the growing population of retirees and senior citizens today they will have to accommodate them, or lose your business.



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