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Ways for Insurance Agents to Sell Insurance Without Cold-Calling 
by Brian Thompson September 14, 2005


When some people see door to door, they think of an insurance agent actually knocking on every door in a neighborhood trying to sell their products. Well, believe it or not, there are still companies that encourage and even require this of their agents.

What we mean when we say door to door is something different. Everyone has seen the door hangers that businesses put on door knobs during the day for people to read as they come home from work. Well, insurance agents can and should do the same thing.

Find a product that you want to advertise heavily, let’s say life insurance. Have a door hanger made—or just make up a flier on the computer if you don’t have a lot of money to spend—and go to a different neighborhood everyday and put them on the door.

The key to this is not to knock on the doors and interrupt the lives of the people inside the houses. Simply walk up and put the flier or door hanger on the door so that it will be seen, and go to the next house.

If you actually go to a different neighborhood and do this everyday, you will before long actually find people will be calling you to find out more about your services. Instead of you being pushy, you simply let them know that you exist.



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