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Christmas is Coming! 
by Lisa Pietsch September 26, 2005

Please Don't Forget to Say "Thank You"

The last bit of Christmas correspondence that should not be forgotten is the Thank You Card. Too few people say “Thank You” anymore. You may not appreciate the drum set that Aunt Marjorie mailed to little Benny for Christmas but she took the time, energy and money to do it, so you’d better not forget a “Thank You.” The best option is to have little Benny send her a note himself. Purchasing a thank you card or special stationery isn’t really necessary. A piece of construction paper and a crayon will do the job. Thanks to modern technology, if Aunt Marjorie has email, little Benny can pound out an email to her. Just don’t forget to at least acknowledge the gift. The best day for you and your children to do this is sometime between Christmas Day and the day they return to school after the holidays. If it hasn’t been done by the time they go back to school, it never will be. Besides, it’s a great way to occupy children on vacation who may very well be driving their parents mad with their very own drum and bugle corps.

Slaving Over a Hot Stove

Some people choose to do a great deal of cooking around the holidays. Cookies, candies, fruitcake, figgy puddings, you name it! That being said, there are plenty of things you can do to prepare for your cooking marathon to make it easier on you and anyone whom you may draft to make last minute trips to the grocery store.

Menu Planning

Plan your menu early. By early, I mean sometime in January! Most families are fairly traditional and count on several old favorites every year. Do yourself a favor and write down what you plan to cook for the holidays and then list the ingredients you’ll need for each item. Once you list the ingredients, your shopping list is complete. Purchase your dry and canned goods throughout the year and keep them tucked away in a pantry until they’re needed. Then shop for the perishables just a few days before you need them.



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