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What Laser Skin Resurfacing Can and Cannot Do 
by Robbi Erickson October 13, 2005

Is Laser Resurfacing Right For You?

If you have determined that laser skin resurfacing is right for you and you have ruled out other skin treatments like Botox injections, chemical peels, live fill, and other plastic surgery options like having a face life, then your final considerations will be made upon what types of results you can expect. The success of laser resurfacing treatment will depend upon a number of things.

The first consideration is of course your age. Because of the aggressive nature of this type of procedure your plastic surgeon may recommend different types of skin treatments for you based on your age. Generally speaking skin resurfacing is usually only recommended for people in their 50s and later. However, if you have excessive skin damage laser resurfacing may be the only effective treatment available to you. If you are under 50 years of age and don’t have severe skin issues, then you may want to consider other skin treatments such as chemical peels, live fill, and implants.

The second consideration that you will need to make is how your skin pigmentation will effect your results. Skin with less pigmentation, fair skin, responds better to laser treatment than skin with higher concentrations of pigmentation does. If you have darker skin you will want to discuss the possible negative effects that laser skin treatment may produce in your case. There are two conditions that people with darker skin may experience as a result of laser treatment. The first is hyperpigmentation where pigmentation pools together and produces a blotch of skin with darker pigmentation than surrounding skin. The alternative negative effect is depigmentation where pigmentation is diffused and a light patch of skin appears on an otherwise dark complexion.

Finally, ask your doctor if a combination of treatments will help you achieve the result that you are trying for. For example you may want to combine laser skin resurfacing with and eye lift to help give your eyes a younger appearance. Fat or collagen injection may also be used in combination with laser skin resurfacing to help erase deep wrinkles.

The bottom line is to ask to see before and after picture of people with similar skin issues as you have. It is also helpful to find a before and after model that has similar coloring as you do. This way you can better gage what results you will be able to achieve and what issues you may have to deal with in case the treatment has negative side effects.

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