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A Quick Guide to Whitewater Rafting 
by Cyndi Allison June 10, 2005

How much does it cost to ride whitewater?

The average short day trip (4-6 hours) runs about $80 dollars while longer trips go $150 up per person. Rates vary depending on the time of year and the conditions. Most outfitters offer week day and group specials.

Preparing for the whitewater trip.

Most companies will send a brochure or direct customers to a web site with specific information about trips.

The basics needed for whitewater rafting include:

1. Water friendly clothing in summer is important. A bathing suit under nylon shorts and a t-shirt are the standards on the river. The cover clothing provides protection if a rafter goes overboard. The swimming suit will come in handy at various points in the trip when swimming is usually an option. During the winter, most outfitters provide or rent wet suits and paddling jackets. Wool socks and warm under clothing are needed.

3. Tennis shoes or river sandals are needed when getting in the raft and out. Rocks hurt bare feet. Be sure you wear footgear that you don’t mind getting wet.

4. Be sure to rub up with sunscreen before the trip. It gets hot out of the water, and the sun reflects. Even if you don’t burn easily, your skin needs the extra protection.

5. A picnic lunch and drinks will be most welcome at the end of the trip, unless you’ve signed up for a trip including a meal or meals. Many of the river areas are remote and offer minimal options for eating out.

What NOT to bring.

Remember that you’re going to be out on the water and working hard. Don’t plan to carry cameras, video cameras, ball caps, sunglasses and the like. You’ll also be asked to leave jewelry, billfolds, pocketbooks and keys with the outfitter. If you don’t want to leave your belongings with the outfitter, lock them in the car.



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