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From Brothels to Spelling Bees: Five Documentary Films with Unique Vision 
by Mieko Lindeman August 05, 2005

The Corporation

Environmentalists, businessmen, politicians, activists, journalists, writers, workers, and many more tell their side of the story when it comes to dealing with the one of the most pervasive forces of modern times, the corporation. The film unfolds practically, explaining the significance of the corporate world and its influence in every realm it addresses thereafter.

Tongue-in-cheek, the film focuses its point-by-point slamming of corporate actions by treating the corporation as an individual getting a psychiatric evaluation for insanity (because corporations are legally individuals with rights like any real person). The crescendo builds as accusations, rumors, and worries about corporations are examined and given evidence to. It also allows the corporate side to give perspective, notably the sincere and concerned face of Shell oil giant embodied by a CEO who appears in activist footage with his wife, talking civilly with and giving tea to protestors who come to their home.

Undoubtedly a film that holds corporations in the wrong, it is rooted in hard facts, which it amply provides via archive video footage (like the heart-breaking story of a Bolivian community that fights for the rights to rainwater against a corporation) and numerous interviews (of which the film is mainly comprised of). Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, FOX News reporters, corporate execs, Bolivian activists, among many others, all appear. One of the few well-organized, focused, researched, intelligent, and entertaining political films in recent times that challenges viewers to examine the bigger picture.

145 min.

Also try…Roger and Me (a Michael Moore documentary)



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