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Shingles: A Painful and Debilitating Virus that Strikes the Elderly 
by Mary M. Alward August 08, 2005

More about Postherpetic Neuralgia

Living with the aftermath of shingles is not easy. After-effects are long lasting and debilitating. Postherpetic neuralgia can cause overwhelming emotions, including depression, irritability, mood swings and frustration. There is no cure for postherpetic neuralgia, but there is treatment available.

Treatment of Postherpetic Neuralgia

Nerve damage that is caused by the shingles virus can’t be reversed. Treatment will not improve healing of nerves. Different types of therapy work for each individual. Some therapies cause side effects for some sufferers, while others experience no side effects at all. Ask your doctor to try a range of medications in order to help you find relief from postherpetic neuralgia.

Anti-viral Therapy

There are a wide variety of anti-viral medications available on today’s market. However, these medications must be started within three days of a shingles outbreak in order for them to work effectively.


It is very difficult to care for those who suffer from shingles. Unless the caregiver has had an outbreak themselves, it’s hard to imagine the intense and excruciating pain that comes with the condition. The shingles victim is in constant pain and his personality can change drastically. If you are caring for someone who has shingles, ask the doctor who is caring for the patient questions. Consider making a list to give to the doctor on the next visit. A study of postherpetic neuralgia will help you better understand the lasting pain that follows an outbreak.



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