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Family Preparedness: How to Shelter in Place During Disaster 
by Lisa Pietsch September 29, 2005

Caring for your Pets

If you have pets, you should be mindful of their needs in the event of an emergency as well. A doghouse is no place to be during a raging storm. Be sure to bring your pets into the house as soon as you know you’ll be taking shelter in place. Bearing that in mind, you’ll need to consider the following:

Are they wearing identification tags just in case they get spooked and run?

Do you keep enough of their medication on hand to last several days?

Do you have a sufficient supply of food and water to last them several days?

Pets respond to stress just as people do. If they see that they have shelter, food and water, they are less likely to become overly stressed. By being prepared for their needs, you and your pet can escape disaster with considerably less stress.

By having the right supplies on hand in the event of an emergency, you can avoid many inconveniences if forced to shelter in place during a disaster. Sometimes we just don’t have the time or warning to evacuate and staying in our homes is the safest option. Following this simple advice should help you and your family to prepare and be self-sufficient until normal services resume. Hopefully this will never happen to you but if it does, you’ll be prepared.



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