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What Laser Skin Resurfacing Can and Cannot Do 
by Robbi Erickson October 13, 2005

Selecting a Surgeon

The horror stories that you may have read about in the last few years about patients being horribly scarred by laser treatment have been caused by inexperienced and unqualified people performing the laser treatment. To protect yourself from a tragic laser experience there are steps that you can take to locate a qualified surgeon.

Your first line of defense is to select a doctor that has been recommended to you by a friend or by some other person that you trust. Ask people you know who have had the procedure where they went, what they thought of their doctor, and ask to see their before and after pictures. If you find one doctor that is being continuously recommended schedule a consultation with that doctor.

If you don’t know anyone who has had laser skin resurfacing then you can go online to find opinions about doctors, or you can ask your dermatologist to refer you to someone. If these options still don’t result in you locating a doctor, you can also go to a plastic surgery organization and see if they have a list of local doctors that are certified. Once you have a list of doctors that you are willing to meet with, your next step is to go through the consultation process.

During the consultation process you will want to ask questions about the doctors training and experience with the laser he or she will be using. Ask if they are certified by any professional organization on the use of lasers for skin treatment. Write down these organizations and research them online after your consultation. Make sure that membership in these organizations is based on skills and experience on not simply based on who paid their membership fee. In addition to asking for the doctor’s qualifications you will also want to ask to see before and after pictures. Again you will want to try and find a patient that has similar coloring as you do, and who has similar skin issues.

When you are done with your consultation and research your next step is to select the doctor that has the most experience, the best results, and who you feel the most comfortable with. After you make this selection you will want to contact the doctor to schedule your treatment and ask for your pre-surgery instructions.

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