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A Guide for the New Glasses Wearer: How to Choose the Best Glasses for You 
by Kira Connally June 03, 2005

Kids and Glasses

If your child needs glasses, be sure to explain to them how important it is to take proper care of them. Glasses should be removed using both hands to grasp them at the temples. Provide your child with a hard case, especially if the glasses spend any time in a backpack or bookbag.

Glasses should never be shared or tried on by a child’s friends. Your child’s glasses have been adjusted to fit their face properly; sharing them can bend them out of shape or loosen the fit.

Many people believe plastic glasses are more durable for kids. This is not so; flexible metal offers the best durability and is available in children’s styles. It can also be beneficial for a child to have two pairs of glasses. This allows the child to leave one pair at home and one at school, minimizing the chances of loss.

The best pair of glasses for your child is the one they like well enough to wear. If your child is uncomfortable in their glasses, they won’t wear them. Let them choose their favorite color or the one that feels the best to them, even if it’s not what you would choose. Many children’s frames now have favorite cartoon and movie characters on them. Some even glow in the dark!



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