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Prepare Your Family for a Natural Disaster 
by Rita Templeton September 09, 2005

Be insured.

It’s a very wise idea to have property, life, and health insurance in case disaster strikes. Also, check with your insurance agent to see if there is a special type of insurance for your area – such as flood insurance if you live in a flood-prone area. Although such policies might just seem like extra expenses while everything is fine, you’ll be thankful to have them if you find yourself facing a natural disaster.

Inventory your possessions so that in case something does happen, you’ll have a record of the things that need to be replaced. You can print a helpful home inventory guide and checklist provided by the University of Idaho; this link can also be found at the end of this article.

Prepare a disaster supplies kit.

A natural disaster can leave you stranded without even the most basic services and supplies, unless you’re well prepared for such events. You may not get help for hours or even days after a crisis, so it’s crucial to have a supply of items to help you survive any time spent waiting. Keep the kit in a place where everyone can reach it. In your kit, you’ll need to include:

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