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A Guide for the New Glasses Wearer: How to Choose the Best Glasses for You 
by Kira Connally June 03, 2005

How to Care for Your Glasses

No matter which style you choose, some basic care will be required to minimize lens scratches and keep the frame and nose pads clean.

  • Wet lenses on both sides before wiping clean
  • Always use a soft, 100% cotton cloth (not a shirt!)
  • Launder the cleaning cloth regularly to remove debris
  • Always use an approved cleaner, or soap and water
  • Wash the entire frame in warm soapy water when dirty
  • Have plastic nose pads replaced often
  • Always store glasses in the case provided
  • Never leave glasses in a hot car or direct sunlight
  • Have your glasses adjusted every few months to ensure comfort

If your glasses become loose, crooked or bent, bring them to an optical shop to be repaired. Bending them yourself can cause breakage. The best cases to store glasses in are hard on both sides. Soft, flimsy cases offer less protection. Never use harsh household cleaners on your lenses. These can strip the protective coatings and cause damage.

Even if you’ve sat on your glasses, or they’ve been chewed up by your puppy, bring them in to be looked at before you toss them away. Often they can be restored to wearable condition in the hands of an optician.

With proper care and the right frame and lens combination, a pair of glasses can last for several years. Taking a little extra time when choosing a frame can pay off in comfort and durability, and make your glasses more enjoyable to wear.



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