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New York City for Kids 
by Mary M. Alward August 31, 2005

Rockefeller Center

Any kid who’s seen the movie, Home Alone, will want to visit Rockefeller Center. It’s the busiest during the Christmas season and this is the time when it sparkles with magic. Crowds come in droves to the area to see the Christmas Show at Radio City Music Hall. This is the time when families enjoy skating at the Center to participate in a bit of outdoor exercise and to get some fresh air. It is also when kids gaze in awe at the giant Christmas tree that graces the front of the GE building each year. This tree is awesome and even the adults are justifiably impressed. The tree will be approximately the same size as the one the kids saw in the movie and they will gaze in awe at the wonder of such a magnificent tree.

Other Attractions at Rockefeller Center

There is much to see and do at Rockefeller Center all year ‘round. Visit the shops and restaurants for unique shopping and dining experiences. The Center is home to NBC Studios, the Catacombs and the Channel Gardens.

Channel Gardens

 Channel Gardens are a great place to take a break with the kids. Sit on a park bench and people watch, or stroll through the exquisite gardens to view a wide range of plant species. These gardens are beautiful and have lovely sights that greet visitors every month of the year.

NBC Studios

Just behind the Prometheus statue, you will find NBC Studios. Enjoy a tour of the 70 story tower, but be sure to book in advance, as tours sell out rapidly.

The Today Show studios can be found on the main level of 10 Rockefeller Plaza. These studios are always open to the public throughout the day. At times Today Show hosts Matt Laurer and Katie Courac will come onto the street to talk to the people. The Today Show is recorded between 7 am and 9am daily.

The Catacombs

The official name of the Catacombs is the Underground Concourse. This area makes for easy access to the subway lines that run under the City of New York. Visit the great selection of unique shops, boutiques, restaurants and other services in the Catacombs. Kids will be enthralled by this underground city that connects the fourteen buildings of the complex.

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