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Make Your Own Sushi
by Miriam Metzinger

Make Your Own Sushi

The Sushi Revolution

Sushi burst on the scene in the 80s as the "hottest" culinary sensation. However, this was not just a fad; two decades later, sushi appears in restaurants, take-outs and even grocery stores in the largest metropolitan areas and  the most remote towns.

The appeal of sushi was immediate and lasting becasuse it combined an exotic food style, unfamiliar to most Westerners, with health-conscious eating; sushi is extremely low in fat, contains very few calories, and fulfills directives given by many doctors to include more fish in one’s diet. Sushi is the ultimate "fun food" and is great both as an appetizer or as a main course when served with miso soup, salad, and hot or cold sake, ...
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Leukemia: Learn the Facts
by Kealoha Wells

The doctor's mouth opens and the word falls out like a stone. It is the weight of the world and ...
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Diabetes: The Cold Hard Facts
by Mary M. Alward

Thousands of people in America suffer from diabetes. Many have not been diagnosed and most are ...
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The Miracle of Gastric Bypass
by Mindy Zielfelder

Gastric bypass is certainly not for everyone, but if you know or are someone who is extremely ...
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Why You're Still Single
by Rita Templeton

It’s the lonely girl’s lament: if I’m such a catch, then why am I still single? You could be ...
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