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A Beginner's Guide to Watching the Moon
by Allen Butler

Moon gazing has been a human pastime for as long as there were humans. It is easy to see why. Looking at the night sky, the Moon is the brightest, most powerful object up there. It is easy to see why the ancients felt that the Moon had power over men.

We now live in a world where man has set foot on the Moon, but every person still feels a sense of awe when gazing at that bright shining rock in the sky.

Moon Gazing Equipment

Unlike most other objects in the night sky, it is possible to study the Moon in some detail without the assistance of any specialized equipment. However, using either binoculars or a telescope ...
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How to Throw a Diet-Friendly Party
by Diana Bocco

How to throw a party that doesn't pack on the ...
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Do-It-Yourself Theme Parties: Inexpensive But Elegant
by Graham PZ

Theme parties are great fun to attend and pulling one off with style is an indescribable thrill.  ...
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Improve Your Hitting, Improve Your Game
by Amy Hunter

Whether you are coaching the local Little League or playing on your company's softball team, ...
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Strike Up Fun in Your Spare Time with Bowling!
by Graham PZ

Bowling is popular again because of exposure in movies, television sitcoms, and new age music.  ...
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Gather 'Round the Grill - How to Plan an Old Fashioned Outdoor Cook Out by Cyndi Allison
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No Strain, No Pain: Muscle Pulls and What to Do about Them by Mark Jessen
June 30, 2005   47699 Hits
Pulling a muscle can be more than just a painful experience. It can also be a chronic injury that can keep you out of the game. But a little prevention can keep you playing injury free. ...
All You Need to Know About Growing Beautiful Roses in Your Garden by Mary M. Alward
August 15, 2005   38520 Hits
Have you ever wanted to grow beautiful and exquisite roses in your garden, but procrastinated because you didn't believe that you had a green thumb? Well, there's good news. Roses are one of the easie ...
Introduction to Judo by L.E. Terry
August 15, 2005   12547 Hits
Judo’s origins lie on the battlefields of ancient Japan, but today this martial art is more than just a system of combat. For Judo participants, it is a way of life that encourages mental, physical  ...
Five Fiery Films: Movies that Breed Controversy by Skylar Hamilton Burris
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In the Long Run: Preparing for a Marathon by Miriam Metzinger
May 24, 2005   10140 Hits
Marathons are not just for Olympic athletes. Even novice runners can pursue their 26.2 mile dream, but persistence, patience and positive thinking are required for success. Make sure you have the  ...
How to Play Craps by Cynthia Rice
May 19, 2005   23356 Hits
Craps can be one of the most exciting games in the casino, if you know how to play. This article is a step-by-step guide that will teach beginners how to approach a crap pit with confidence. ...
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