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Seven Free Manhattan Excursions
by Monica Bretherton

In a city where money flows from your pockets like water, sometimes you need a break from being broke. Here are seven ways I have entertained my friends and myself when funds were low. Actually, I’d recommend them even if you aren't broke – they are all things every New Yorker should do at least once. Full disclosure requires me to point out that only six of them are truly free, as one will require at least a token donation, and then of course you should budget for the subway fare to get there. I’ve given some hints on optional refreshments as well. Still, a water tour, the shade of fronded palms, an ancient temple, the wheels of justice, gilded treasures, ancient tomes and the glitter of faraway stars are all yours for the taking without draining the treasury! ...
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Step Back in Time at Silver Dollar City Theme Park, Branson, Missouri
by Mary M. Alward

If you want to experience all aspects of 1800's life in America, plus enjoy rides, attractions and ...
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A History Lovers Guide to Pompeii
by Mark R. Whittington

Pompeii, the tragic Roman city that was buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in the year 79 AD, ...
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Off to the Volcano Top: How to Safely See the Lava
by Kealoha Wells

So you're going to Hawaii and you want to see the volcano. Not only that, you want to see the lava ...
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Navigating the Airport
by J.A. Luongo

New, nervous, or occasional air travelers can navigate the airport with ease and confidence with ...
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Thinking of visiting Vancouver Island, just off the west coast of British Columbia, Canada? You won't be disappointed. There are marvelous things to see and do all over the Island. ...
Ten Whimsical Hotels in America: Fun and Funky Lodgings by Mary M. Alward
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Are you heading out on vacation or just want a weekend getaway? If so, stay in these whimsical lodgings that will make your stay unique and fun. Quirky accommodations are found all over the United Sta ...
New York City for Kids by Mary M. Alward
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If you are planning a visit to New York City, be sure to take the kids along. There are numerous unforgetful attractions for the entire family that are both fun and educational. ...
A History Lovers Guide to Beijing by Mark R. Whittington
August 12, 2005   2412 Hits
Beijing is a city steeped in the ancient history of China, and yet reaching toward the future at a break neck speed. One finds artifacts of Emperors and revolutionary communists coexisting with modern ...
A History Lovers Guide to Warsaw by Mark R. Whittington
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Warsaw is a city that is truly like a phoenix rising from the ashes. All but destroyed in World War II, lanquished under fourty years of Communist misrule, Warsaw is rapidly becoming a national capita ...
A History Lovers Guide to Vienna by Mark R. Whittington
July 11, 2005   2465 Hits
Vienna has hundreds of years of imperial glory under the Hapsburg family and that is reflected in its sumptuous palaces and monuments. But is is also known as the capital of classical music, as befitt ...
Guide to Disney's EPCOT: The World Showcase by Kathy Schaeffer
June 28, 2005   10050 Hits
Walt Disney's EPCOT, located in Orlando, Florida, is a great choice for a memorable summer vacation. This article highlights the World Showcase part of EPCOT. Find out about the food, shopping, and at ...
A History Lovers Guide to Paris by Mark R. Whittington
June 23, 2005   3787 Hits
Ernest Hemmingway once wrote, If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a Moveable Feast. ...
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