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A Guide To London's Markets
by Sharon Jacobsen

If you're a shopper who wants to enjoy shopping the way Londoners do, head for the markets.

Covent Garden Market

Having started its life as a convent garden tended by nuns and made famous by Eliza Doolittle, the flower girl of screen and stage, Covent Garden Market boasts 350 years of tradition as a fruit, vegetable and flower market.

When the market fist opened it was a place where locals drank too much and brothels were rife. Trading continued without much change until, in 1921, the government condemned the buildings as inadequate for the necessities of trade. ...
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How to Choose a Mail Order DVD Service
by Skylar Hamilton Burris

A free market has bred fierce competition, leaving movie lovers with at least two great choices in ...
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Moving Out of State
by Robin Svedi

A guide to help make a harrowing experience a bit ...
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Do You Want to Switch to Electric Yard Tools?
by Cyndi Allison

Are you tired of jerking a blankedy-blank cord over and over trying to get your yard equipment ...
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Should You Consider Buying a Front-Loading Washing Machine?
by Cheryl Morrissette

Front-loading washing machines are one of the appliance industry's hottest new items. Find out why ...
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