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How To Perform the Heimlich Maneuver
by VWB

The Heimlich maneuver is often used on a choking victim who is conscious but can’t speak or breathe due to a blocked airway. It can also be used on asthmatics during an attack and a drowning victim as well as victims who are too large to wrap ...
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What's It Rated? Understanding the Media Rating Systems
by Mark Jessen

From TV programs to video games, just about every type of media has a rating system; but do you ...
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Guidance of the Gifted - Recognizing, Testing, and Encouraging the Gifted Child
by Rita Templeton

You know your child is above average, so now what? Understanding giftedness - its signs, how it's ...
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How to Gather Oral Histories
by Janie Teague-Urbach

Basic instruction on gathering oral "biographies" from family members and/or friends. How ...
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Making the Perfect Mix Tape
by T. Allen Merriman

Advice on making the perfect mix ...
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How to Be A Handywoman: A Girl's Guide to Home Repairs by Rita Templeton
August 10, 2005   7960 Hits
Let’s face it: even in today’s world of growing equality between the sexes, home repairs are still largely a man’s domain. It’s time to change all that. If the only tool you own is a pair of ...
How to Clean and Maintain Any Type of Floor by Rita Templeton
July 29, 2005   26160 Hits
Flooring is a big investment, and a very noticeable part of your home. Keep it beautiful, whatever the type, with this guide to cleaning and maintenance. ...
Get a Faux Glow: Sunless Tanning Basics by Rita Templeton
August 29, 2005   7907 Hits
Sun is our skin's enemy, but who can resist a sexy, golden tan? Sunless tanning is the safest way to get that glow without scorching yourself. Here, we cover the basics of each self-tanning method - ...
Secrets of Sesame Street by Rita Templeton
July 27, 2005   23987 Hits
A behind-the-scenes look at the Muppets, the cast, and the magic that makes it all happen. ...
My Baby Looks Weird: Guide to A Normal Newborn's Appearance by Rita Templeton
July 11, 2005   46978 Hits
Adjusting to life outside the womb, babies are prone to all sorts of splotches, blotches, dots and bumps. The baby you've spent so long picturing may look nothing like the baby placed in your arms af ...
It's A Bargain, Baby: How To Save Money on Baby Stuff by Rita Templeton
October 27, 2007   21158 Hits
It's the most frequently told baby-related horror story: they're so EXPENSIVE! There's a grain of truth to the story - babies can, indeed, be expensive - but they don't have to be. ...
Fingernails: An Owner's Manual by Rita Templeton
August 18, 2005   111092 Hits
We paint them, bite them, file them, use them as tools - and take them for granted. We really only notice our nails if we encounter a problem with them. Here's a guide to giving your nails the care  ...
Headaches: A Real Pain by Rita Templeton
August 08, 2005   7174 Hits
They can range from mild and nagging to fierce and nauseating. There’s no telling when one will strike, or how severe it will be. We’re talking about headaches – and they’re a real pain. He ...
Ten Pounds Thinner - Instantly! by Rita Templeton
July 28, 2005   22609 Hits
You don't have to go to extreme measures to look svelte for a special event. You can appear ten pounds lighter immediately - no exercise or dieting required! ...
Frontiers of the Mind: The Why, What and How of Lucid Dreaming by S. D. Farrell
June 22, 2005   3430 Hits
Lucid dreaming is the skill of realizing when one is dreaming - from that simple premise comes the ability to consciously control one's dreams, remembering each one and turning every night into a posi ...
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